About miSights

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing and sometimes can be seen as a crazy hobby.

Our dream started in Namibia during 2010. From humble beginnings and most importantly our committed investors, we are now able to bring you misights and birdsightings.misights.com. After 7 long years of full-time research and development, ongoing technical and marketing support  from our team based in South Africa this dream now has the opportunity to become a reality.

As a birding holiday company now evolved into a bird platform tailor-made to accommodate all kinds of birders, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced birder. Since our first online launch in 2014 with (The World Bird Calculator) we now bring you (birdsightings.misights.com) a real-time Geo tracking and listing platform for rare and unusual birds sightings, offering birders a memorable digital experience.

We have had the opportunity to visit a number of top international bird fairs based in the UK and exposed to accessories most birders would love to have on their mobile devices. We now bring you a web app platform offering endless possibilities for the future of birding.

Our web app platform offers all birders the ability to:

  • Spot and share birds especially rare and unusual birds local and international, (birdsightings.misights.com)
  • Keep record of all birds seen and not seen globally, an electronic life-list and wish-lists, (The World Bird Calculator)
  • Access bird related information for traveling, tours, guides all this and more done from our platform
  • ¬†Connect with local and international birders, fairs, shows and more…